Thermoplastic Night Guard stands as a superior orthodontic appliance. Manufactured by a renowned laboratory, this innovative product offers exceptional comfort and precise fit. In this article, we explore the specifications of the orthodontic appliance lab, highlighting its important properties and indications for patients seeking relief from teeth grinding.

Effective Protection against Bruxism and Grinding

The Thermoplastic Night Guard is specifically designed to provide reliable protection against bruxism and grinding. By placing it between their teeth during sleep, patients can prevent enamel wear on the occlusal surface. With its advanced design and high-quality materials, this orthodontic appliance ensures the utmost durability and effectiveness in reducing the damaging effects of teeth clenching and grinding.


Unmatched Comfort and Custom Fit

One of the key advantages of the Eurasia Dental Lab‘s Thermoplastic Night Guard is its ability to self-adjust and provide the closest fit to each patient’s unique dental structure. When pre-softened using warm water, the guard molds itself to the contours of the individual’s teeth, ensuring optimal comfort and functionality. This tailored fit not only enhances patient satisfaction but also reduces post-op chair time, allowing for a streamlined treatment process.



The Thermoplastic Night Guard offers a superior solution for patients struggling with bruxism and teeth grinding. Its ability to provide effective protection, combined with unmatched comfort and a custom fit, makes it an essential orthodontic appliance. By trusting in the expertise of a leading laboratory, patients can ensure they receive a high-quality Thermoplastic Night Guard that meets their specific needs. Take proactive steps to protect your teeth and preserve your smile by embracing this remarkable orthodontic appliance.


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